New Beginnings and Introductions

Hello world and welcome to my playground! Here you will find my thoughts and musings on music. If you're on this website then you are most likely aware of who I am, but just in case... My name is Mason Moss and needless to say I love music with every fiber of my being. I have grown up in and around the Quad Cities, which is a collection of five (yes, five) cities on the Illinois/Iowa border over the Mississippi River. I currently make my living as a middle school choir accompanist and church organist, but among those jobs I have also accumulated a wealth of performance experience with various groups. By far my most cherished experience was the work I got to do with The Book of Mormon National Tour between 2019 and into 2020. I was a substitute keyboardist and conductor and I learned a lifetimes worth of lessons from my various employment with them over that year. I hope that the future can bring much excitement and further opportunities. This website is the effort to take my business to the next level, beyond the scope of just playing gigs. I intend to publish this blog as a mean to keep connected with my fans, but also share in any accolades and personal experiences that might come my way. It is my website after all! I hope if you're still reading you'll consider reaching out using the contact form and we can chat a little more about how we can find a path towards working together! MM

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